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Who We Are

Pure Biochar was founded with the intention of becoming Australia’s largest biochar supplier so they can service a lucrative commercial and industrial market.

The company will seek access to the international sector estimated to reach a market size of US$3.1b by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 13.2%.

Many case studies have shown that carbon from biochar leads to significant CO2 savings and can avoid a large portion of direct emissions, which is why the company is targeting the following sectors — steelmaking, construction/building materials and agriculture (fertiliser).

As a renewable fuel source, biochar is gaining interest as an alternative to coal and coke in steelmaking. Selected studies have also  shown that biochar-containing building materials have a great potential for carbon footprint reduction. 

As biochar can significantly reduce the need for fertiliser, the company will look to fill the large vacuum in an agriculture market that is seeing product shortages and subsequent price increases.

According to a NSW Ag Department trial, the state’s corn experienced yield growth from 13 to 35t/ha by utilising the material.

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